Sunday, March 17, 2013

Urban Jungle

For 20 years, Mariuccia Mandelli featured a wild animal splashed
across each of her collections for Krizia.
 These novelty sweaters became highly coveted and
collected. This is the sweater that she created in 1981.
In 2009, Stella McCartney paid homage to these iconic
sweaters by bringing the trend back to life. Since then, animal
novelty sweaters have been popping up on street style blogs and
 designers have gone on to expand the look to other categories.
         Manish Arora                                   Kishimoto                            de Castelbajac   
That's why I was so excited to find this sweater at Goodwill
for $4.94! I have no idea how old it is and I really don't care.
I have always been a sucker for animal prints so it 
was fun to embrace this take on them, especially since I
remember the Krizia sweaters but could never afford them.
This one, however, was definitely in my price range!

I paired the sweater with these pants that I found at T. J. Maxx.
The fabric is treated to look like distressed leather but it's not,
nor is it pleather.
Have you noticed that something is missing?
No cap!
I finally got my hair cut and colored for my nephew's wedding.
In the winter, I tend to forgo visits to the hairdresser because
I love to wear hats. But I thought that my "silver halo" (better
 known as grey roots) would not be appropriate at
the wedding so I took the plunge.
Because it was so cold, I added this grey wool coat. I love
the contrasting color on the cuff, collar, and trim. I also love the
hood, which we did not take a picture of.

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Animal print sweater (no tag)--$4.94 Thrifted
Jolt black skinnies--$19.99
C/WS grey wool coat--$8.98 Thrifted
Franco Sarto black booties--$29 Marshall's
Hair cut & color--Priceless!


  1. Adorable haircut! And since I've never actually seen your halo, I bet it was cute too. ;)
    I'd definitely wear this sweater. Definitely a prize find, especially when you were already aware of its value. I'd love to have a big giant zebra head on a sweater.
    I've been slow to respond due to a head cold but appreciate your "touchdown" e-mail you sent!

  2. I loved the Krizia sweaters back in the 80's too - and your find is such a great tribute sweater. Your new haircut is fab too - thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  3. look amazing! The sweater and pants are so cool!! I love your hair...great pictures!

  4. Wow! I learnt something here - had no idea about the Krizia connection - great find! You look fabulous! Love the coat and the leather look trousers. In honour of your fabulousness I've given you a blogger award over at mine:

  5. I remember Krizia too--loved the perfume!
    You have brought that animal sweater to a new level with your coat and chic boots!

  6. I had some Krizia shoes given to me by a friend who "distressed" them when he did the windows at Bergdorf's. Score! Unfortunately, I was young and careless and I distressed them further to a sorry state.

    You match the sultry glare of your leopard! LOVE!
    The entire ensemble is just yummy.
    And wow, you are a thrifting goddess!

  7. I'm guessing had I seen this sweater at Goodwill I would have passed it up. Never again!! You styled this to perfection. Your hair looks great, too!!

  8. Wowza! You're looking so edgy and fine!! Great photos as usual. Love your hair-do, btw!

  9. I like the whole outfit and I love your hair cut. I've been thinking of going shorter again. The color look lovely on you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such thoughtful comments.

  10. What it so funny is seeing your picture on Visible Monday next to a picture of Emalina wearing a tiger mask! You are looking totally faboo! So nice to see you without a cap, and your haircut is just adorable! Those pants really make your legs look long, as if they needed any help. You really seem to have great thrifting karma. Great outfit, and it looks so good on you!

  11. You are quite the bargain shopper, those skinnies at that price???? Love your hair!

  12. Had to leave another comment after following your link for YouTube. I don't know if you're a Pee Wee Herman fan, but did you ever see his Tequila dance?

  13. You look better than the models -- just how do you do that??!! Fabulous style and great haircut and color, too. I'm envious of your "thrifting" abilities and your long legs!
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  14. Absolutely love this sweater! And to think that you got it for such a laughable price! Want to say that you look stunning

  15. Your hair looks very pretty. I was not familiar with this style of animal sweater, but you look very chic.

  16. Absolutely meow! Lithe, bold, sultry, you've got it all. Wouldn't I love to hear your heels click down the sidewalk as people turn their heads to watch you pass by. Great hair.

  17. First off, You look like you should be the model for Urban Jungle! You wear this so well. And the first think I noticed was the fabulous hair cut, LOVE it!

  18. So glad to have discovered your blog, love your style! Animal print lover indeed, taking inspiration from your posts!

  19. The sweater is a great finding. You look gorgeous in it. From all the pics I prefer the length of your sweater. Particularly as an addition to this cool leather like jeans.
    Your new hair cust is amazing.

  20. Diane both your outfit (ohhh the sweater!!) and your photos are STUNNING!!! I'm so glad my photo tips came in handy for your bright sunshine the other week. We're not getting a lot of sun here in the UK at the moment, I think may have to do a post on how to photograph in the rain ;)

    Catherine x

  21. wow you are so elegant! i love the whole outfit
    I love animal print sweaters but not wearing them enough
    Your sweatr is a gem and just $4.99 that is a major score!

    Ariane xxx

  22. Here you show us the great advantage of wearing new and thrifted items together. You'd never know the sweater was anything but new-trendy with the coated jeans. And the price shows you're living right and have been a very good girl!
    Love the coat, and the very sleek booties. Love that shape!

  23. You look fierce in that sweater, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    I love the 80s flair.

  24. Me again to answer the question you posted on my blog: Yes, I have been to the Bungalow store in Scottsdale. It's not far from my house and directly across from the Costco where I gas up at least once a week. The store is even better in person! Great place to shop as well as get inspiration. I haven't stopped in recently so now you've reminded me that I need to do that!
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  25. You look entirely too good in this outfit - and not at all old enough to be hanging out with the over 40 crowd. Remember the Hall and Oates song "Maneater"? This outfit reminds me of that song; meow! Impeccably put together, as usual ;-)

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  26. Great find; love the print on the sweater. Thanks for your comments on my blog post. We share the thrifting bug, don't we? And I like how you made your photos at twilight. Debbie @

  27. Ah, those Krizia sweaters, I would have given an eyetooth for one of those! Great thrifting find.

  28. {Gak!} $4.94. What a steal. I love both the photography and your outfit. Very moody and Vogue magazine-like. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

    Sue xo

  29. Gorgeous! I love your style, haircut! I so remember Krizia!!
    I am now following via the Pleated Poppy link up.

  30. You look stunning! I really like the view with valvoline in the background. Great shots with the animal on sweater ensemble. Was unaware of its history. Must see how your hair was before, looks terrific now. Thanks for visiting me at Project Minima.

  31. You are stunning in very way. Love the Krizia sweater and your hair!

  32. Wow! Such a beautiful outfit:)


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