Sunday, March 10, 2013

Brrr, Baby, Brrr!

I get rather frustrated at this time of year.
It's that in-between-seasons time when spring is beckoning but I'm
not through with my love affair with fall and winter clothes. I love
the richness of the fabrics and the luxe look of layering. The
oppressive heat of southern summers does not allow for either!

 Also, I get panicky because there are so many favorites
that never made it into rotation. This past winter has been
unseasonably warm, preventing me from wearing many of my
favorite coats, jackets, and sweaters. My employer also
keeps the thermostat way too high for my tastes, making it
even more difficult to indulge my passion for layers.
Then, just as it seemed that winter was just a rumor that
never came to pass, it suddenly got very cold. Down in
the 20's and 30's kind of cold. In March. Crazy! My poor,
confused tree that was starting to bud got a
very rude awakening!

So what's a blogger to do?
I see bloggers who have already jumped stiletto first
into spring with great gusto. I see them teetering around
in front of snowdrifts wearing nothing more than a
skimpy silk sheath and sky high strippy sandals.
This seems to be a phenomenon that is peculiar to
bloggers. Other forms of media don't do that. Magazines
 and retailers either shoot in a studio or transport the models
 and photographer to an appropriately warm location.
I get that bloggers can't do that.
But aren't these supposed to be platforms to show our
personal style and what we wear to work, to school, to play?
I highly doubt those bloggers are truly wearing those warm
weather ensembles in real life! Why not dress for now and
show us how you stay warm? There will be plenty of time
in the future once spring truly arrives!

If you live in a warm climate, then of course you should
show weather appropriate outfits.
But if you live where Old Man Winter still rules the thermometer
 and you feel compelled to jump start the spring season,
 at least shoot indoors!
You will continue to see me in warm layers until the weather
truly changes. Then, I will have to face the nightmare of switching
 out the contents of my closet, a job I truly detest!
Until then,this is how I dressed for wind chills in the 20's recently!

Partying at:
Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style
Monday Mingle at Glamamom
My Style, Your Style @ Lily among Thorns
Black D&Y military cap--$8.99 Ross
Style & Co. black turtleneck--$4.94 Thrifted
Wet Seal black puffy coat with hood--$8.98 Thrifted
Treasure Rock black cord skinnies--$29 Fox's Off Price Designer
Copper, gold, black metallic scarf--$9.99 Ross
Steve Madden leather belt--$2.92 Thrifted
Brown studded booties--$6.96 Thrifted
Brown bag--$20.99 Ross


  1. haha loved this post! I almost have the opposite problem to you - it's often way too cold for me to enjoy dressing in layers - I'm so layered up it's not funny! But like you I start to panic when spring is around the corner thinking of all the wonderful winter clothes I wanted to wear but didn't because it was just too damn cold!! Below a certain temperature I end up wearing the same thing in rotation (and it's usually just warm rather than interesting and fashionable - its soooo boring!!)
    And I'm glad you mentioned the freezing blogger in Spring clothing despite the cold weather thing! It is 3 degrees C here - the last thing on my mind is dressing for spring! Let them catch pneumonia I say - I'm definitely joining you in getting the most out of my winter wardrobe while the weather is still cold.
    What I love about your blog is that it's very clear that your outfit shots are actually what you wear to suit your lifestyle - I don't mind seeing people dress up for the fun or fashion fantasy factor on their blogs but there is a wonderful authenticity to see a lady sharing how she really dresses herself - and you always look great doing so!

  2. I think you look tres chic in your layered look. The weather here is insane. Warm one day and freezing the next.
    I really love your eye makeup. Very dramatic and yet perfect for the outfit.

  3. Love this outfit! I am at the other end of the spectrum: I am sick of my winter clothes--winter has been very long in NE.

  4. I know what you mean about the summers!! I'm trying desperately not to think about it. Many of my favorite coats and sweaters languished in my closet this winter, too. By all means, get the most out of your fabulous layers, like you did so wonderfully here. The colors are rich, something you always do so well, along with beautiful photos.

    Also, I meant to respond to a comment you left on Dross a few posts ago: my husband is currently working in the studio and not performing in the ATL area for awhile. If you go the About Me section on my website, there's a link to his that will show his schedule, however! Appreciate your interest!!

  5. I'm totally with you in the love for coats, sweaters, scarves and boots. In fact, I don't like any of my Summer fashion attempts really because I can't wear cute sandals much with arch supports in them. I'll probably stop blogging by then because I'm always at a loss for things to wear in warmer temps. I'm sure my readers would get tired of Bermuda length shorts all the time.

    Your setting in this post is gorgeous! It's so chunky, icy, and mysterious as to what kind of place that is. Looks a bit like an area where I grew up that was slowly taken over by additional run ways for the SeaTac airport. We use to love playing in the home wreckage and left over foundation chunks.

    Love your coat here!! I finally bought an olive colored one after searching and searching. They're so warm.
    Have a great week!

  6. Keep rocking those layered looks, Diane - you look cozy and stylish, and happy. Love that scarf. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  7. Loved this post and totally relate to all of it except the one regarding detesting doing the seasonal closet change over, as I love doing that! Great photos and love the first pose, which is so expressive!

  8. You are so gorgeous!! Such a fun look as well...I hear you...I live in San Antonio and we had NO winter this sad...I did not get to wear so many of my really fun warm weather clothes. I am one of those bloggers who had moved right into spring...because that is my reality. Not all are "faking" it!! We have sun and 70-80 degrees! It is beautiful, but I am sad that we missed so much cold weather. It would be nice to have more of a balance. But, I love this look and your make up is stunning!

  9. I'm with you; I'm not ready to experience the "ick" of Southern Summer, either. I love the addition of the scarf. It adds that chic, grown up punch. Actually, I think I have that scarf, too LOL.
    You only have one closet? I have my summer clothes and all shoes in my office closet and winter clothes in the master bedroom. The doggies' beds occupy the floor of that closet.

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  10. I just commented on another blog about enjoying the boots and tights while we can. Fortunately, we don't have really cold winters here, but I'm getting use out of my cardis, scarves, socks and boots. And I'm also looking forward to wearing sandals, but then there's more maintenance in the summer. I'll have to shave! And paint my toenails!

    I love that location! You're very intrepid, getting out to do shoots. I'm so self-conscious, I don't even like to use the front yard!

  11. LOVE your chic and practical outfit! A fur trimmed hood parka is on my wishlist for next Winter. I really prefer to see bloggers who dress for real life and not just for the camera like a magazine photo shoot.

  12. Love the scarf and the layers...that last photo is my favorite; love the location. I guess I am the opposite. I love warm weather clothes the best and can't wait until spring. Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog! Debbie @

  13. I confess that I sometimes take outdoor fotos of my outfits in winter puting my coat of. Only because the light outside is better than inside. But be sure I put on the coat and the hat quickly afterwards. Generally I agree with you, why not what we actually wear? Your outfit today is great and inspiring for me. I also have such a patterned scarf. If winter comes back tomorrow I will take it.

  14. My strong time is spring and summer but you make winter dressing look HOT, er I mean HAUTE! Hello you beautiful creature you! Diane, the party is just getting started now that you're on the blog roll- thank you so much for introducing yourself and your blog to me. I think you should get a prize for best +40 fashion blog name ever! -Bella Q the Citizen Rosebud

    PS: I would be stoked if you'd put a +40 BlogRoll widget on your sidebar. If you need help from me, just message me and I can assist!

  15. Diane I can't wait for spring I was so pumped at the high 60's temps because this Wednesday it's calling for snow. I am still in the in between stage I just try to add bright colors to help me get to spring.


  16. I hear you, and think it's ridiculous to see people in open toe shoes standing between snowdrifts! Your boots are fabulous!!

  17. Love your fabulous scarf! I don't get the whole dressing up for pictures only, but I suppose my blog is me, daily. I can't see wearing sandals in 60F weather, much less anything colder!

  18. You crack me up Diane, I agree with you and I like how you stay warm. Thank you for your sweet comment on pret-a-vivre. :)

  19. You take such gorgeous photos!!
    If I look as good as you in layers and coats, I'd want to live in them!
    But, b/c I'm so old, we old folks like the warm weather....joints hurt a little less! lol!

    Go Dawgs!! ;)

  20. First of all ... you're gorgeous and completely together. Again. Really, it's almost too much to expect to have it all within budget. But you do that,too! Good job, Diane (on so many levels!)

    I empathize with your reluctance to give up winter. It's my boots and leather jackets that I'll miss. But I'm still ready for the fresh ideas of spring. Lots of unusual color combinations this year to play with, so I'm looking froward to that. Here, one day it's 60 degrees, then by evening it's in low 40s, and cold the next morning. So I'm getting some opportunities to dance the transitional season tango ... moves include shivering from the cold or fanning the heat away!

    Have a great week!

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